Price of Admission Ticket for Nicoles River Park Bogor


Nicoles River Park Bogor
Nicoles River Park 

Amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of Puncak Bogor, there lies a destination that not only delights the eyes but also stimulates the spirit of learning. Nicoles River Park, a place where the charm of nature and the quest for knowledge intertwine, becomes a paradise for those who wish to experience the beauty of nature while exploring knowledge.

Located in Puncak, Bogor, Nicoles River Park offers stunning river views, lush green trees, and a serene environment. However, what makes it even more special is its approach that aligns the beauty of nature with the spirit of learning. Just like captivating lectures for children, Nicoles River Park invites its visitors to seek knowledge while enjoying the enchanting nature.

The wonders of nature at Nicoles River Park serve as a catalyst for the spirit of learning. Amidst the calming sounds of the river and the freshness of the leaves, visitors are encouraged to contemplate and absorb the presented lessons. Similar to an enthusiastic teacher explaining concepts, the universe around provides boundless inspiration.

Nicoles River Park
Nicoles River Park

Admission Ticket to Nicoles River Park Bogor

Ticket Price at Nicoles River Park Bogor
Ticket TypeWeekday /  Weekend
Admission TicketRp35,000 / Rp40,000
Admission Ticket + CastleRp65,000 / Rp75,000

The admission ticket cost already includes access to all photo spots, but it does not cover the fees for paid attractions (starting from Rp15,000)

Nicoles River Park
Nicoles River Park

Nicoles River Park Bogor Opening Hours

Nicoles River Park Bogor Opening Hours

Every day 07:00 AM – 08:00 PM

It's not only the beauty of nature that inspires, but also the educational facilities available. Like in a lecture hall, these facilities provide a space to delve deeper into knowledge. There are places for discussion, collaborative learning, and sharing perspectives. Children and learners of all ages can feel the spirit of learning in every corner of Nicoles River Park.

However, the spirit of learning here is not just about formal education. Just like in an impassioned lecture, Nicoles River Park encourages understanding the relationship between humans and nature. Visitors are urged to contemplate how we can learn from nature, respect ecosystems, and become responsible stewards of the environment.

In addition to the spirit of learning, Nicoles River Park also indulges visitors with educational recreational activities. Like a profound nature excursion, you can explore various ecosystems, understand the meaning of natural balance, and observe various plants and animals that live around. While having fun, you can also learn by immersing yourself in nature.

Nicoles River Park
Nicoles River Park

For teachers and educators, Nicoles River Park is an invaluable field of knowledge. Similar to inspiring lectures for children, you can guide your students on a spirited journey of knowledge. Nicoles River Park provides a space to teach amidst nature, foster curiosity, and experience the wonders of knowledge firsthand.

Location of Nicoles River Park Bogor

Nicoles River Park is located at Jl. Raya Puncak - Cianjur No. 57 Cipayung Datar, Megamendung District, Bogor Regency, West Java.

Nicoles River Park in Puncak Bogor stands as concrete proof that learning and exploring nature can harmoniously blend. Just like the spirit of learning in lectures, visitors to Nicoles River Park experience a beautiful alignment between knowledge and the beauty of nature. This is the place where knowledge flourishes while experiencing the unforgettable allure of nature.

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