10 Must-Visit Attractions in Kediri

Must-Visit Attractions in Kediri
Must-Visit Attractions in Kediri

10 Must-Visit Attractions in Kediri. With its historical richness and natural beauty, destinations in Kediri offer unforgettable experiences for travelers. From enchanting mountain slopes to captivating historical sites, every corner of this region carries a unique and intriguing story to share.

With its lush greenery and cool climate, the area is a paradise for adventurers and nature lovers. There's no reason to miss the opportunity to explore various temples, tombs, and ancient structures that hold secrets of the past.

Kediri truly offers authentic natural beauty and deep cultural wealth. Here is a list of 10 tourist destinations worth visiting in Kediri:

Kediri Eco Park

Located on Jalan Kelapa, Ketami, Pesantren District, Kediri City, East Java, Kediri Eco Park is a destination favored by those seeking an entertaining nature experience.

The park features various recreational facilities such as hiking trails, swimming pools, and play areas. Kediri Eco Park also emphasizes environmental education and sustainability, making it an ideal place to gain knowledge about nature conservation efforts.

Surowono Temple

Must-Visit Attractions in Kediri
Must-Visit Attractions in Kediri

Surowono Temple is located in Surowono, Canggu, Badas District, Kediri City, East Java. This temple is a historical relic dating back to the 14th century during the Kediri Kingdom.

The architecture of Surowono Temple showcases the characteristic style of East Java, adorned with captivating relief carvings. It appeals to history enthusiasts, archaeology buffs, and those interested in the rich cultural heritage of Java.

Mount Maskumambang

Situated in Pojok, Mojoroto District, Kediri City, East Java, Mount Maskumambang offers an interesting hiking experience for climbers, even though it's not among the tallest mountains.

From its peak, visitors can enjoy a wide view of Kediri City and its surroundings. The ascent also provides an opportunity to interact with nature and enjoy adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities.

Must-Visit Attractions in Kediri
Must-Visit Attractions in Kediri

Airlangga Monument

Airlangga Monument is located on Jalan Lingkar Maskumambang, Pojok, Mojoroto District, Kediri, East Java.

Museum Airlangga takes its name from King Airlangga, a significant figure in East Java's history. It features an array of artifacts, historical items, traditional arts, and information about East Java's culture.

Visitors can explore various galleries that provide in-depth insights into the cultural heritage and history of the region.

Must-Visit Attractions in Kediri
Must-Visit Attractions in Kediri

Photography Museum

Located on Jalan Kapten Tendean No. 60/160, Ngronggo, Kediri District, Kediri City, East Java, the Photography Museum is a haven for photography and visual art enthusiasts.

Visitors are treated to exhibitions depicting the evolution of photography through time, showcasing inspiring photographic works. The museum not only provides insights into the art of photography but also pays tribute to local and international photographers who have contributed to the world of visual arts.

Gandrung Hill

Gandrung Hill is situated in Medowo, Kandangan District, Kediri City, East Java. The hill offers beautiful views and a captivating natural panorama.

Visitors can relish the beauty of the green hill slope against the vast blue sky backdrop. Gandrung Hill is also a popular destination for light trekking and outdoor recreation. Here, you can experience tranquility while enjoying the stunning natural scenery.

Syu Monument

Must-Visit Attractions in Kediri
Must-Visit Attractions in Kediri

Syu Monument is located on Jalan KH Wachid Hasyim, Mojoroto, Mojoroto District, Kediri, East Java.

Erected to commemorate Indonesia's national hero, Supriyadi (affectionately known as Syu), who played a pivotal role in the Battle of Surabaya in 1945.

The monument holds not only historical significance but also symbolizes the nation's resilience and spirit of struggle. Visitors can immerse themselves in Indonesia's history of struggle through the various statues and artifacts displayed at the monument.

Sunflower Garden

Situated on Jalan Selomangleng No. 143, Pojok, Mojoroto District, Kediri City, East Java, the Sunflower Garden is renowned for its vast land adorned with beautiful sunflowers. Visitors can enjoy strolls amidst the colorful and charming sunflower-filled gardens.

This place is an ideal location for taking beautiful photos, relaxing, and enjoying the natural beauty.

Astono Gedong Temple

Located behind Setono Gedong Mosque on Jalan Doho, Kediri, East Java, Astono Gedong Temple is a historical legacy reflecting the culture and spirituality of the past.

Though smaller than some other temples, Astono Gedong Temple holds historical value and unique architectural features. Visitors can explore the site while appreciating its beauty and delving into the hidden historical messages it carries.

Tirtoyoso Park

Tirtoyoso Park is situated on Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani No. 123, Banjaran, Kediri District, Kediri City, East Java. The park harmoniously combines a recreational garden with artificial waterfalls.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the shaded garden, children's play area, and calming artificial waterfalls. Tirtoyoso Park is the perfect place to relax while savoring the natural atmosphere.

With its diverse attractions, Kediri introduces us to its unparalleled charm. Though not explicitly stated, each destination here holds its own magical appeal. It invites us to step back in time and explore the pristine natural beauty.

From rice fields to ancient ruins, Kediri imparts lessons of history and captivates with its natural panorama. More than just a holiday destination, Kediri offers an unforgettable journey, filling our souls with memories and new knowledge of Indonesia's boundless richness.

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