Latest Entrance Tickets for Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor

Latest Entrance Tickets for Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor, Location of Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor


Tickets for Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor
Taman Safari Bogor

For the Millennials seeking exciting and thrilling adventures, Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor is a destination not to be missed. Located in Puncak, Bogor, this safari park offers an unforgettable experience in exploring the world of exotic animals. With various attractions and activities, Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor has become a major draw for young nature enthusiasts.

Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor is easily accessible to Millennials residing around Jakarta and its vicinity. With a distance of approximately 80 kilometers from the capital, this safari park can be reached through a pleasant journey via the beautiful Puncak route. For those using private vehicles, they can take the Jagorawi toll road and exit at the Ciawi toll gate. From there, they can follow the directions to Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor. For those who prefer public transportation, buses and taxis are also available, providing a comfortable ride to Puncak.

Upon arrival at Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor, Millennials will be greeted by a fascinating diversity of exotic animals. In the safari adventure, they'll have the chance to directly observe various rare species such as lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras, and many more. In an environment similar to their natural habitat, visitors can witness the beauty and resilience of these animals in a natural setting.

Tickets for Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor
Taman Safari Bogor

Taman Safari Bogor Entrance Tickets

Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor offers several entrance ticket options tailored to the visitors' needs. For adult visitors, regular entrance tickets are available as follows:

Price of Taman Safari Bogor Entrance Tickets Via Official Taman Safari Website
Ticket TypeWeekdayWeekend
Child Domestic Entrance Ticket (1-5 Years)Rp195,000Rp215,000
Adult Domestic Entrance Ticket (>6 Years)Rp225,000Rp245,000
Price of Taman Safari Bogor Entrance Tickets at the Counter
Child Domestic Entrance Ticket (1-5 Years)Rp200,000Rp225,000
Adult Domestic Entrance Ticket (>6 Years)Rp230,000Rp255,000
Foreign Adult Entrance TicketRp400,000Rp400,000
Foreign Child Entrance TicketRp350,000Rp350,000

Moreover, Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor often offers special promotions and discounts for Millennials. They can take advantage of these opportunities to get cheaper ticket prices or more advantageous packages. Information about these promotions is usually available on the official website or social media platforms of Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor, allowing visitors to stay connected and receive special offers.

Tickets for Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor
Taman Safari Bogor

Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor Opening Hours"

Operational Hours
Every Day09:00 AM – 05:00 PM (WIB)

In addition to the safari experience, Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor also offers various other exciting attractions and activities. Visitors can enjoy entertaining dolphin shows, elephant rides, or even interact directly with animals like birds and monkeys. There are also fun rides, such as cable cars and playgrounds, making the visit even more enjoyable.

Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor is not just a place to see rare animals but also presents a range of captivating attractions that should not be missed. Millennials can discover the wonders of amazing attractions on an exciting schedule at this safari park.

With a well-organized schedule, Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor offers a pleasant and educational experience to its visitors. Each attraction is designed to provide both entertainment and knowledge, creating unforgettable moments for Millennials.

One of the most anticipated attractions is the animal shows. Millennials can witness the incredible skills of trained animals. In these shows, visitors will be amazed by the animals' abilities to jump, run, or perform special tricks. With the expert touch of the trainers, the animal shows at Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor provide an unforgettable experience.

Tickets for Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor
Taman Safari Bogor

Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor also has interactive attractions that allow visitors to directly interact with specific animals. Millennials can feed wild animals like lions or tigers through this unique opportunity. This activity not only provides a thrilling experience but also an opportunity to learn more about the behavior and lives of these animals.

Meanwhile, for attractions during the specified schedule, they include:

DAY SAFARI: Drive around the forest in a private vehicle, observing animal behavior from the vehicle windows. Then enjoy 9 free animal shows and various exciting rides, like the 3D haunted house.

NIGHT SAFARI: Night safari offers adventures in the open wilderness at night. Visitors will go around and see the animals up close at night using an open-top tour vehicle.

Location of Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor 

Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor, located amidst the captivating natural beauty, is a perfect location for Millennials seeking adventure and wildlife wonders. With diverse flora and fauna and stunning scenery, the location of this safari park will captivate hearts and provide an unforgettable experience.

Located in the Puncak area, Bogor, Jalan Kapten Harun Kabir No. 724, Cibeureum, Cisarua, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, 16750, Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor offers a natural and well-preserved environment, which is home to thousands of amazing animals and plants. Millennials will feel like they are in a fascinating wilderness when they enter this safari area.

Tickets for Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor
Taman Safari Bogor

One of the main attractions of Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor is the vastness of the park, covering more than 170 hectares. With so much space to explore, Millennials can roam and explore various different habitats, ranging from tropical forests to vast grasslands. They'll experience an amazing sensation being close to wild animals and seeing them move freely in their natural habitats.

The location of Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor also offers stunning natural views. Surrounded by refreshing green hills and fresh air, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature as they explore the safari park. The sound of flowing water and rustling leaves will make Millennials feel close to nature and calm their minds.

Moreover, this safari park also offers comfortable and complete facilities for its visitors. There's ample parking space, cozy rest areas, and various amenities like restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops. Millennials can relax and enjoy delicious food after exploring the safari park, while reminiscing about the unforgettable moments they experienced.

Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor also provides complete facilities for visitor comfort. There are restaurants and cafes serving various delicious dishes, as well as comfortable picnic areas for relaxation. Additionally, there's a souvenir shop selling unique memorabilia that can be taken home.

In preserving the environment and providing education about the importance of conservation, Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor is also involved in rare animal conservation programs and environmental education. Visitors can learn more about the wildlife protection efforts carried out by this safari park and contribute to maintaining the sustainability of nature.

So, for Millennials looking for thrilling adventures with exotic animals, Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor is the perfect destination. With its easily accessible location and various attractive attractions, they can explore the world of rare animals and create unforgettable memories in their adventure. The Modern and Must-Visit Attraction in Bogor.

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